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    Vaginal dryness affects at least 20% of Brazilian women and also tends to increase during time of conception. The lack of sperm-protective cervical mucus can make the wish of pregnancy difficult or even impossible. FamiGel was invented to give hope to couples by simulating the physicochemical properties of the mucus produced by fertile women near ovulation.
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FamiGel was developed by national and international experts of the pharmaceutical and fertility industry. Like any Famivita product, FamiGel wants to help fulfill the dreams of pregnancy and motherhood.


The absence or inadequacy of the cervical mucus can cause the sperm to be exposed directly to the acid vaginal flora and die before it can access the cervix.


Common lubricants have the sole purpose of lubrication and can provide a barrier to access to the cervix due to their similarity to the vaginal environment. The gynecological gel FamiGel on the other hand supports sperm on their way to the cervix.


FamiGel has got neutral pH, which is favored by spermatozoa and interstitial spaces. These properties are ideal for locomotion of the sperm. In addition, FamiGel contains minerals that enhance sperm survival.


Hormonal problems, such as low estrogen, can produce poor cervical mucus. Patients with endometriosis, smokers, diabetics, people with anxiety or antidepressants may also be affected.


Inject 4 to 5 g of FamiGe intravaginally with your fingers or a vaginal applicator before intercourse. Vaginal applicators enable a deeper and more effective injection.

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FamiGel is a product developed by Famivita. Famivita has experienced partners from the Brazilian and international pharmaceutical industry. We are constantly looking for new collaborations and partnerships. Please get in touch with us if you think we could be a good fit.